Our Rooms




Our bright and attractive Jelly Babies room provides lots of rich opportunities for babies to stimulate their active minds. Our spacious room offers a wide variety and range of carefully selected resources and furnishings to allow choice and independence and also space to crawl, roll and take their first steps.

Baby Unit/ Jelly Babies




With its bright and spacious home corner and sensory area, our Jelly Tots room is visually stimulating, maximizing their curiosity and allowing them to explore, play imaginatively and experiment using different materials.


Main Nursery/ Jelly Tots




Our Jelly Bears and Jelly Beans rooms create a calm, relaxing yet more structured environment to help them thrive as they play and to help them progress well during their early years.  The children begin to socialise and interact more with their peers through group activities, story time and imaginative play.  Your child will be encouraged by our staff to develop to the best of their ability in all areas of learning before starting school.  Our friendly, qualified staff enhance the children’s play with special experiences that offer carefully managed risks and challenges.


Main Nursery/ Jelly Beans